a Victorian Themed Western Steampunk Festival in  Kerrville, TX


​​​​​​​​Interested in a craft shop or Antique Booth?

We are a juried event, and you must be pre-approved.
Please fill out information form on this page if you are interested in getting a show application.

E-mail photos and price point of your product. 


Outdoor Booth

Booth fees are for a 12'x12' outdoor space,
handmade items $120 for all three days.

Approved buy/sell items $120 plus 10% for all three days.

Indoor Booth

Booth fees are for a 10'x10' indoor space,
handmade items $200 for Saturday and Sunday.
Approved buy/sell items $200 plus 10%
 for Saturday and Sunday only.

​Interested in a food booth?
Booth fees for a 10'x10' outdoor space,

$120 plus 10% for all three days.

Booth fees for a 10' x 10' indoor space,

$200 plus 10% for Saturday and Sunday.

All food items must be pre approved. 

​Interested in Games or Rides?
Booth fees are for a 10'x10' space,

$120 plus 10% for all three days.

Email or text is best

214-632-5766 for more info

Please leave a message

You can only upload 2 photos in this App. 

If having problems try emailing direct to: 




Please fill out Vender Application

This is a themed costumed event. All participants are required to be in Victorian, Western, Steam Punk or Fantasy era clothing. Craft and food shops this year can use decorated easy ups. Underhill, Panther, or fantasy embellished style tents are preferred.

Now taking applications for

The Wild West Victorian Fest

December 15th - 17th 2017